Attaching photos, avatar selection, icon creation.... wouldn't these tasks be be better with built-in cropping? Don't make your users worry about finding a cropping tool and fussing with aspect ratios, have your app offer the user the ability to do it right when they need it.

Feature highlights

  • Supports Retina and 64-bit applications.
  • Customizable background color. Minimal UI adjusts based on background color.
  • Easy to use. Simply provide a Picture object and desired size, then pull the cropped picture out when the user is done.
  • Fully self-contained, no images to include in your project. Only requires the Artisan Kit module, which is included.

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ZirconCropper (Source)
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Current Version

  • Last updated May 28th, 2019.
  • Requires Xojo 2015r1 or newer.
  • 64-bit supported.
  • Supports only Xojo Desktop projects.