XML-RPC is commonly used by blog software to allow desktop and mobile clients to communicate with them for the purpose of managing content. Uploading photos, writing entires, comment management, etc are all common tasks that most blog software supports via XML-RPC.

In fact, XML-RPC is robust enough that it was used as the backbone for Xojo's Feedback app. The server runs an XML-RPC server built in PHP, and the app uses XML-RPC to handle logins, searches, data queries, etc. XML-RPC is a very capable protocol.

So should you need to communicate with an XML-RPC server, these classes will suit your needs.


Current Version

  • Last updated July 6th, 2013.
  • Requires REALbasic 2008r2 or newer, or any version of REAL Studio or Xojo.
  • Supports Xojo Desktop, Xojo Web, and Xojo Console projects.