Although I write in a handful of different programming languages, this section is pretty exclusively Xojo / Real Studio / REALbasic code. Not because of any rule, but that's the only code I have to share.

Open Source Projects

  • Animation Kit Xojo's most powerful animation library is now even better. Animation Kit 3 supports the new framework, easier sprite animations, bezier curve timelines, and more.
  • Artisan Kit Artisan Kit is ZirconKit Foundation renamed. Custom control authors should consider starting with Artisan Kit to eliminate flicker, support focus rings, full keyboard access, and retina graphics.
  • Authentication Kit Store passwords securely using Security Through Obesity and verify user logins with TOTP.
  • Beacon A loot source editor for Ark: Survival Evolved.
  • XML-RPC Client Need to communicate with an XML-RPC server? This is the module your project needs.
  • XojoSyntaxColorizer Use the same PHP library I use on this site for the syntax highlighter.


These products are not open source, and not free.

  • ZirconBreadcrumbs A breadcrumbs control (also known as a path control) is a great way to give users a sense of place in a hierarchical navigation.
  • ZirconCropper Cropping images made simple.
  • ZirconProgressIndicator Circular progress indicator with customizable colors, optional animation and cancel button.
  • ZirconSwitch A switch control for Xojo Desktop projects. Customize the color and caption of each position, optional animation, full keyboard support, no flicker on Windows, and fully Retina aware.

Deprecated Projects

Over the years, I've started a number of projects, and completed far fewer. But even completed projects sometimes become incomplete. For one reason or another, they have become obsolete. If you are using them, I suggest you find a replacement.