To support macOS 10.14's dark mode, both Artisan Kit and ZirconProgressIndicator have been updated today.

Artisan Kit

  • Adds ArtisanKit.IsDarkMode wrapper method. This convenience method simply wraps Xojo's IsDarkMode method when available, and returns false when not available.
  • Adds ArtisanKit.ColorLuminance method. Different from simply brightness, luminance is useful in measuring the contrast between two colors.
  • Adds ArtisanKit.ColorIsBright. Returns a simple boolean if the color should be considered light.

Download ArtisanKit 1.1.0


  • Added AutomaticBorderColor property to automatically compute the border color based on the background color of the window and control. This defaults to true for backwards compatibility with existing controls. Allows zero-thought dark mode support.
  • Added BorderColor property. When AutomaticBorderColor is set to false, allows customization of the border color.

Download ZirconProgressIndicator 1.2.0

ZirconProgressIndicator requires (and includes) Artisan Kit 1.1.0. Existing users can download their purchases from the product page or from the Purchases page.