I waited in line. I got one. Here's some things I've learned so far.

The iPhone is very, very sweet. It feels like using a Mac. Apple's idea to force the unlimited data plan: good idea - you're going to use it. It'll automatically check my e-mail no matter where I am, every 15 minutes. I can respond right away. I'm already typing two handed, but I certainly make less mistakes with a single finger. But enough good stuff you already knew. How about some of the stuff you haven't heard yet?

  1. It doesn't work with my Griffin RoadTrip at all. Ignoring the interference issues, it continues to play the music through the built-in (but surprisingly good) speaker. I have to go back to CDs until something new comes out. Bummer.
  2. Seem to have WiFi issues. I set it up to find my local network, but I have to tell it where it is every time. Not happy about that. It may be thanks to my lack of broadcasting the network name. Apple should fix that.
  3. There is no period on the main keyboard. Need I say more?
  4. The included ringtones, while elegant, may not be obvious enough. There are some that are, but damn those are annoying.
  5. It sounds too much like Mac OS X. I had my earbuds on, then the music fades down for a moment and plays the typical "new mail" sound. So I look at my computer to find no new messages... how odd. Upon returning to my home screen, I found my message.

Overall, I'm very happy with my investment.