I don't normally do stuff like this, but this thing dropped my jaw to the point I feel a rant is due.

If your goal in life is to look like a complete fashion retard, these headphones are for you. If you ever thought, gee... "I'd sure like to reach around to the back of my head to change this song" then these headphones are for you. I can't think of a third joke, so just digest one of those two again. I'll wait.

My fear is that these will become popular. Like the behind-the-head headphones that took over the "streetz" a while back. Remember those? I could see thugs wearing these while bludgeoning somebody with a baseball bat over some crack money.

On the positive side, this little kit will provide about a square inch of protection to the back of your head. If you're lucky enough to get hit with something right in that spot, you'll likely be okay. And luckily the iPod Shuffle is cheap and useless anyway, so replacing it is a snap. Heck, you could probably just grab one off the back of somebody else's head - then run like hell.