I have introduced an update to the ZirconKit foundation project. This update fixes a few minor bugs in ZirconControl, but is primarily a feature release.

Bug Fixes

  • ZirconControl will now set the Canvas.Transparent property introduced in Xojo 2013r4 correctly.
  • ZirconControl, on opaque platforms, will default its background color with the parent window's custom background color if applicable.

New Features

  • Animations can now be performed by ZirconControl subclasses with very little code, and outstanding results.
  • ZirconKit.ScrollEvent class adds additional data vital to performing OS X native scrolling, including the "bounce back" behavior. However, this class only provides the details necessary to do the math, it does not actually provide scrolling to any control. A new ZirconScrollControl class is planned, but not yet ready.

Other Notes

  • The ZirconKit.Version constant has been upgraded to 2.
  • ZirconControl.MouseWheel includes an additional parameter WheelData As ZirconKit.ScrollEvent. For most implementations, this parameter can be ignored.