So, I stumbled across a trailer I thought I might check out.

Tropic Thunder - don't bother. Just to view the trailer, the website asks for too much personal information.

My problem with this trailer is that it asked for my personal information - first & last names, zip code, and birthday. Seeing as they don't need that information, I decided to fill in some fake info. Real zip code, fake everything else.

Would you know it, they're actually checking government records! When the info was declined, it was suggested that I use past information if I have recently moved and to make sure the info I entered matched my driver's license.

So let me understand this correctly. A commercial movie website has managed to gain the ability to check driver's license info. Sure, our government wouldn't be stupid enough to actually sell the relevant bits of info to the studio - would they? It must be a one-way, verify-only system... right?

I can't know for sure, but this is kind of creepy. If this were a government website, I'd feel a little better about it - but this is for a commercial website. They shouldn't have such easy access to this information! If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a phishing attempt (though a really dumb one).

I'm not seeing this movie. I'd do well not to see anything by DreamWorks too, not much good comes from them anyway.