I've got a brand new open source project coming up. In fact, the code is already complete and in use, I'm just working on the documentation... and this one will have significant documentation. I imagine that nearly every REALbasic project will want this code included.

But why am I writing this, you ask? (or maybe you didn't.)

Because this project will be handled a little differently, hopefully for the better. First of all, the project is fully under version control and you will have public read-only access to the repository. It is my plan to move all my projects into this as well. This means you will have access to bleeding-edge code (if you so dare), even access to separate branches and new projects before they are announced or ready. The repository will not contain documentation. You will be welcome to poke around however you wish, but it will be a use-at-your-own risk feature. I will still be making ready-to-use distributions available as well, just like I do now. The only difference is the distribution will contain the project in RB's version control format, rather than binary format.

I'm also going to be using a real issue tracker, integrated with the repository. I will make the URL for this available to the public. The issue tracker requires a user to create an account before submitting tickets - which I do not like. So I will be making it possible to submit tickets without an account through this website. Thankfully, the issue tracker has an API I can make use of for many things.

Lastly, both the subversion repository and the issue tracker will allow multiple users and permissions. As such, I can invite additional developers, should the need arise.

My goal is to make my open source stuff more open source.