I've given a shot to a relatively new program called Signal which allows mobile control of iTunes from an iPhone or Windows PocketPC.

While it's remote-side interface is beautiful, I was very disappointed by this app.

Pros: Great remote interface

Cons: Terrible Mac-side interface, no options, completely disappeared during use, very pricey for the feature set.

I really don't intend to be mean here, I can see the application is new and needs some completion. But it really should be marked as a beta.

While I was trying to setup and test Signal, it began working okay, then communication stopped. When I looked at my Mac, Signal had quit. But not unexpectedly. I have a feeling this is a demo time limitation. That's fine, but it's handled really, really poorly. There is no notice at startup, no notice when it's time to quit, no information on the website except price, no help, and no read me. There's really no information regarding the demo.

The remote-side interface is excellent, and replicates the iPhone's iPod app very, very well. Sorry though, this is really my only compliment.

Sorry Alloysoft, Signal is getting AppZapped.