Want more Hamachi? Who doesn't! These screenshots should hold us over for a few days... or make everybody want it more!

Update: Important information regarding Ham & Cheese

The services feature, currently unique to Ham & Cheese, allows you to very quickly start various types of communications with another peer. You can assign any service to the double-click action, as well as assign different services for the "Share Screen" and "Browse Files" buttons. By default, "Share Screen" opens a VNC connection, "Browse Files" opens an AFP connection, and double-clicking also does VNC. But like I said, it's all completely customizable.

Ham & Cheese also supports the "Custom Label" feature from the Windows version, and acts exactly the same way. You can set a default pattern for every peer, and set special ones for individual peers.

Those who have seen the demo movie of Ham & Cheese in action should note that you will now have the option to restore your Hamachi account from a saved backup, rather than just creating one for you automatically.

More to come...