My wife and I are not allowed to have dogs or cats in our apartment, so we have a couple rabbits (Mystik and Rayne) instead. Turns out, we have a male and a female. We keep them in separate cages for obvious reasons, but let them run around the apartment quite a bit.

By now, if you're paying any attention at all, you'll guess that Mystik just gave birth. And you'd be correct, we have five new bunnies!

If you're not familiar, rabbits show very little signs of being pregnant, since they are a prey species. They exhibit certain behaviors, but they can also go through false pregnancies pretty easily - just by being near a male rabbit. Mystik did this once before. They start to build a nest using soft stuff, and pull out their fur if they cannot find enough material.

When we noticed she was starting to nest again, we got her some nice nesting cotton. Last night though, she started pulling out lots and lots of hair. I mean, I swear there was nearly another rabbit worth of fur piled up with this cotton - but you can't tell she's missing any! So I gently felt around her abdomen and guessed that she probably was actually pregnant this time. But it was still difficult to be sure.

I stood up from my computer earlier today to notice a little head poking out of the nest. They're absolutely brand new, no more than 12 hours old at this point. According to everything I've been reading around the internet, she's doing everything a good mother should. That's a good sign. In early march (after the 8 week point), we'll separate the males from the females, take them to the vet, and find homes for them. We're going to keep one, and we have at least 2 friends that would love others. If all else fails, our local mom-and-pop pet shop will take the rest - though honestly I think we'd just end up keeping them.