While working on my new RSS class, I lost a couple classes that seemed to disappear. I started cursing and such, because my work was long gone - you know the drill - sonofa#*@*$iknewtherewasareasonnottouseb@*#!!.

Luckily, I was able to replace the lost work quickly and switched to use external items since deleting one simply removes reference to it, not the actual code.

See, if you look at the bug report, pressing Cmd-Delete in the Mac OS X IDE causes two distinct deletes to perform. Since the selection automatically changes, the selected item deletes and then so does the item directly below it (or above, if you have the last one selected).

If you're asking why I'm using Cmd-Delete in the Project Tab when Delete works just fine, it's because that's how I work. For some reason since getting into RB so many years ago, I do it that way. Now, all of the sudden, the behavor has changed and I've been losing work. So I filed a report.

I have realized this could be due to the switch to Intel about a month ago. Since I got a new computer with a new hard drive (no, I did not use Migration Assistant, the old computer died so no Target Disk Mode, just a hard drive) I decided to download a fresh copy of REALbasic and my plugins. For some reason, this is fun. Insert computer geek joke here. I was using 2007r1 on the old computer, and 2007r2 on the new. I don't remember wether or not I was using the PPC-only distribution or the Universal distribution. So there are a couple changes, but I think the most likely was a new bug introduced into this version. We'll let REAL Software decide...

... in a few years when they look at my report.