Anybody paying attention to the RSS feed - thank you for your patience. I've implemented a new ping system which will allow other blogs to notify us of an update, and will put a little star next to the link on the sidebar.

This will also keep the link and name up to date, assuming the blog is notifiying this site. If they are, our database will automatically be updated with the current information.

If you would like to use this feature, please contact me to receive your update url, or to request that I add your site to the sidebar.

I will be creating a simple "update" form later, but automatic is the only way for now. To be honest, I don't expect this feature to be used much, especially since looking through the list I see that only a couple of them are blogs.

I have also updated my profile on Technorati to include this site. Being brand new, I'm right at the bottom of the list!