You voted to grab 'em by the pussy.

I am normally a very reasonable person. I'm happy to debate any issue and defend your right to hold that belief, as long as you treat me with respect. But not on this. A vote for Trump is to let him speak for you. Those reprehensible things he has said are now reprehensible things you have said. You voted in favor of racism. In favor of xenophobia. In favor of religious persecution, the very reason the country's first settlers left in the first place.

But what I take personal exception to is your vote against my wife and daughters. You've sent the message loud and clear that women should be seen, not heard. My niece is now going to spend her teenage years in an oppressive regime that seeks to treat her as a brood mare, and when she's old enough to vote, will need to fight these battles again for herself. The work we as a country have been doing to make things better for her and my girls is essentially undone. When my wife and sister found out their father voted Trump, the reaction was the same: "how could you?"

This isn't about the policies. This is about the person. The racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynist liar. This is about half of America voting to elect a reality TV star instead of a qualified candidate. I hate to draw parallels to the movie Idiocracy, but it is unavoidable. Dammit, Trump was even on WWE! You elected President Camacho!

So Trump voters, I promise you this: you voted against my family. I hold you responsible for what comes next, and I will never respect you again.