I got a launch day iPhone. Skipped the 3G, and got a 3GS. Once I got the 3GS, I never intended on purchasing the next model. I'm not in the habit of buy every iPhone model.

But then something bad happened. My 3GS went through the wash. Knowing the next model was coming, and a new 3GS would be expensive without a subsidy, I downgraded back to the first gen.

I've found myself in a predicament though. My iPhone is giving me more problems by the day. The battery cannot last a full day (and lasts only about half an hour if I play any games on it), I have "No Service" around the end of the day (a restart solves that), and now it takes about 30 seconds to place a call. Not to mention it is unbelievably slow, especially when compared to my wife's iPhone 4.

I need to replace this beast. I'm torn between waiting for the white model, or purchasing a black one. I greatly prefer the white, and I know if I purchase a black, the white will become available shortly after. It always works that way. But it won't be soon enough to return the black.

So I have a favor to ask. If anybody is upgrading from a 3GS to a 4 that would be willing to donate their phone, please drop me a line. I'll return it to you once I get my white model if you prefer.

It's a long shot, sure. But it certainly can't hurt to put the request out there.