I frequent GameFAQs about daily to check out their poll. Being a CBS-owned site now, they have links to other (mostly worthless) junk at the top of the page, just below the logo. Some of it gets my curiosity of course.

But when the link sends me to UrbanBaby, I find myself reading lots of information and gaining absolutely nothing from it. Seriously. Here's something I found on it today, after attempting to visit Urban Dictionary:

"Heard from psd that AS is a 'no go' :-( Does that mean ds is will be shut out from Collegiate too?"

What on earth?!? This says absolutely nothing to humans. You almost need a "Mom Dictionary" website just to understand this. Looking up on UrbanBaby's "List of a few dozen efficient acronyms designed to waste time" reveals at least part of this post: ds = darling son.

Since AS and PSD are not listed on this masterfully crafted list of acronyms used to drive yourself to insanity, I'm going to complete this post using meanings I do know:

"Heard from Photoshop document that [adult swim] is a 'no go' :-( Does this mean my son will be shut out from Collegiate too?";

Too me, it's just as logical. It's actually easier, because the reader can go straight to the "WTF?" moment rather than wasting brain function trying to translate it - only to wind up at the same conclusion.