In case there wasn't enough on the internet about Apple's iPhone, here is some more.

As I said in my last entry, the device is fantastic. It automatically checks my e-mail every fifteen minutes, I've already used it to get directions, I'm typing two-handed pretty well - it's overall excellent. There are, of course, going to be things about the device that are less than perfect. Luckily, all of my complaints can be fixed via software. The hardware is so far, fabulous. This entry is not all complaints - just points.

So the biggest complaint I read on the internet is this: The phone is slow because it uses the slow EDGE network and not 3G. Folks, it's really not that bad. I've used my brother's phone to watch streaming movies over 3G on AT&T's network. I really don't notice that big a difference. For e-mail, EDGE is plenty. I do notice a slowdown on some websites that make an excessive use of images, but anything that uses modern "Web 2.0" standards is really not all that bad.

The on-screen keyboard is nice, but frustrating. Not frustrating because I cannot hit the correct keys, but frustrating because there is no punctuation on the main page. Instead, you need to break your flow and switch to "page 2" in order to get the ever useful period. Also, the delete key is in a strange spot for a QWERTY keyboard. When Apple cleans this up, beautiful.

The battery life is epic. I was bored a good chunk of yesterday, so what do I do? iPhone. After many hours of above average use, it still had plenty of juice to go. It does take a while to charge though, but that's expected given the life.

The SMS app is cool, but why no iChat? I think in the future, Apple will bring iChat to the iPhone and blend the SMS into it.

Camera doesn't record video? Why not? Apple will likely fix that. The camera lens, however, is in the perfect spot. Your hand won't cover lens. Just hold it up and snap a picture. Quality is respectable as well.

The built-in speaker is surprisingly loud, and doesn't sound half-bad. It's not meant to play music through though - but it will. Not disappointed there. But the included ringtones are crap. Only 3 have any class. C'mon Apple, I thought you guys were more elegant that "Barking" and "Duck."

There are no compatible car kits yet. Though Griffin has a new iTrip in the works that I'll likely pick up ASAP. Until then, I'm still using my iPod and iPhone. Something just seems strange about that.

I think there are some software bugs. I've had to reset it twice already. No pattern yet.

Anybody waiting for iPhone 2.0 - don't bother. This is an excellent device already with a couple software-related quirks. Those can be fixed without buying a new phone. The hardware is solid and excellent - I don't think Apple will be replacing this anytime soon.