The day I read that Disney had purchased Marvel, I feared the worst and wrote about it on this very blog. Disney has a remarkable habit of destroying everything they touch.

And then The Avengers happened. It has pretty much proven me wrong.

Of course you've heard that The Avengers is considered phenomenal, by damn near everyone. I've been a Joss Whedon fan since Serenity hit theaters and have since caught up with nearly his entire career of work. I'm disappointed a missed Firefly when it was on the air. Whedon has saved Marvel.

It is frustrating that Disney can waste $200 million on John Carter alone, not to mention countless amounts of money on near-countless other movies... and then their subsidiary bails them out. And what will Disney do with all this cash Marvel has made for them? Waste it on some other train wreck of course.

Disney is a terrible, awful company run by incompetent boobs.