Marvel has agreed to be bought-out by Disney. Need I say more? I imagine everybody else already has, but I'll say it as well.

This is a very sad day. After a few rounds of trial-and-error, Marvel has figured out how to tell a good story in their movies. They've done it for years in print, and have started doing it on video as well. We've seen a few kick-ass movies come from Marvel recently, and plenty more in the pipelines.

But the honeymoon is over.

Enter Disney, a company which lost its touch many years ago. Aside from a couple lucky hits, Disney produces nothing but utter trash. Disney is only kept alive by it's forced-popular teen "sensations" and most Pixar movies. They produce a large handful of movies each year, most of which receive some of the worst reviews possible.

Future "Marvel" movies will likely follow a simple formula: Marvel's compelling hero + Disney's hefty dose of racism + dull screenplay with no real conflict = more Disney. Just like Microsoft's acquisition of Bungie and Rare, Disney will turn Marvel's intellectual property into an abomination.

Luckily, Iron Man 2 is already deep into production, so we'll likely get that one mostly unaltered. But Wolverine 2, Magneto, Deadpool, Green Lantern, Captain America, and Avengers... too bad. Though in all honesty, who on Earth cares about Green Lantern and Captain America?

[Update] It has been pointed out that Green Lantern is a DC property. Sorry about that.