Yeah, you read that headline correctly. There's really two reason, one more obvious that the other.

How often do I have to demo this thing? Really. Most don't know what it is, but many do. And when they see me whip it out, I always get that "Wow, is that the iPhone?" - and of course, the next thing to go through my head is "damn." Can't I just answer the phone without answering 20 questions?

But the less obvious is that I have lots of information at my fingertips. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, my e-mail is in my pocket, checking every 15 minutes. I have Safari quickly so I can keep up with the news. I have weather, and stocks too. This is great - at first. But part of the enjoyment of coming home was pulling my laptop out of my bag, plugging it in, and spending the next half hour to hour browsing the web and checking my e-mail.

I don't have that anymore! When I get home, all that is already done live!