Even though I should be working on getting two other projects made public, I thought I would update HIToolbar first. Since it broke on REALbasic 2008r3, it made sense that this one should get more attention.

This release is merely a maintenance release to keep the code up-to-date.

But this is also the first release in my steps towards making everything more "open" and to that end, you'll notice that the updated HIToolbar page contains the URL for the source control. The download is also nothing more than an export of the same url.

As such, the demo project is included but the app is not built. The documentation is included, but as the original RTF instead of a PDF. And the structure is a little different inside too.

Looking forward, HIToolbar has two potential issues in the future.

First, the required PNGUtilities plugin has been deprecated. This means I should find a new way to convert an RB picture object into a MemoryBlock containing the PNG data. I never liked requiring a plugin anyway. I'm proactively working on this.

Second... Cocoa. This project will need to be updated significantly to support Cocoa. In fact, even the name will be completely wrong as the Cocoa version is _NS_Toolbar. They are slightly different, but largely similar. This is why my search field is Mac OS X Search Field and not HISearchField - I planned better!

HIToolbar will likely still run in Cocoa projects, but could also fail miserably. Luckily, since I have early access to REALbasic releases, I may be able to have the showstopper bugs worked out before Cocoa is ready for the public. No promises though. It will still be a Carbon toolbar in a Cocoa window... really silly... but it'd at least not break your code. That'll give me enough time to re-work the code so it uses HIToolbar on Carbon and NSToolbar on Cocoa if necessary.