Alright, I've officially found my most annoying bug of the iPhone - it's shuffling all of my music.

Apple added a very handy "Shuffle" item to the top of every playlist - something I have wanted for a very long time. Pressing it picks a song at random and plays it, and keeps shuffling through only songs in the playlist - excellent. But when I don't want to shuffle (I have one playlist which I intentionally list my newest stuff first and usually like to play it in that order) it'll shuffle anyway. It'll play the song I selected first, but then instead of going to song #2, it'll pick another at random.


The iTunes original playlist is not set to shuffle. There are no other shuffle settings anywhere. Don't do this to me... please! Best of iPod ever my ass - it can't even not shuffle right!

I have reported this bug to Apple. Bug #5306255.