I've been working on a window designed to look similar to Safari. This means a window with a "Unified" toolbar and tabs that blend into said toolbar.

The issue I have been having though is when sheets are involved. If you bring up the "Report Bug" sheet in Safari, you will notice that the window stays "active" - it's still drawn like it's in the foreground. So I used the code I posted earlier to determine if the window had a sheet attached, and drew the tabs active in that case.

But wait, it's not that simple. What if the window has a sheet attached, but the sheet is not the foreground window? This was becoming complicated.

That is, until I found the IsWindowHilited() Carbon function. This function, very simply, gives you a boolean stating wether or not to draw your controls in the foreground or background.

Function IsHighlighted(Extends w As Window) As Boolean
  #If TargetMacOS
    Soft Declare Function IsWindowHilited Lib "Carbon.framework" (window As WindowPtr) As Boolean
    Return IsWindowHilited(w)
    Return False
End Function