A while ago I disabled comments on this site. The anti-spam measures were working, but consuming a lot of system resources and my host asked that I either add a captcha or shut them down. Since captcha's don't work and only serve to harm the user experience, I decided to shut them down.

With the site update, the architecture doesn't allow me to utilize Movable Type's built-in comment system. This is probably for the best anyway. After experimenting with Disqus, I've decided to include it on all my entries. I know it isn't perfect and there are people that really dislike it, but that will be true of all things, and it is probably better than no comments.

In the future maybe I'll build my own system powered by my own database. But for now at least, Disqus it is. It is powered entirely client-side, since the Disqus Movable Type plugin is a broken mess that shouldn't exist. All 41 comments I've collected over the years have been imported, but since some email addresses don't match up (for example) my own comments won't appear from my Disqus profile. I'm not overly concerned about this.