I have released ArchDetect 1.2.2 to the public. This release fixes a couple minor bugs, as well as adds an End User License Agreement. Due to some preference changes, it will re-ask you to confirm update checking once launched.

Detailed Changes in 1.2.2, build 104

  • Added EULA to application startup.
  • Clicking dock icon when main window is closed will reveal it again.
  • "Search for Update..." menu item is enabled/disabled properly again.
  • Added "Show Results Window" menu item to the file menu.
  • Fixed a crash when starting a scan from the file menu, with no results window visible.
  • Results window now properly remembers and restores it's last position
  • Added check for spotlight errors, such as not returning any results.

This is likely to be the last release before significant new features, as most bugs have been fixed. There is only one in our system at the moment, one reported at MacUpdate where the scan completes too quickly and without results. No real progress has been made on this bug, as I can't reproduce or gain additional info yet, but this release did add some additional error messages.

So what do I plan for the next major version of ArchDetect? Well, some users have requested more detailed architecture scans - such as 68k, and CFM or Mach-O Carbon. I'm certainly going to add some results saving to Text, CSV, and HTML. I've already improved speed of the scan, and I'm toying with the dangerous ability to remove unneeded sections of application binaries to save disk space.

No promises on anything, of course.

Some of my users are begging me for REALSyndication, so I may get back to that now that ArchDetect is nearly bug free.