In honor of our most popular creation to date, ArchDetect gets some real features. Users can now filter and search results and find updates online from any download site. ArchDetect 1.2 is also now localizable, and there is also a couple bug fixes and optimizations.

ArchDetect was a quick project. For the heck of it, it was released to the public. Much my surprise, it is actually quite popular, matching Network Clipboard in number of downloads in only 3 days. Network Clipboard has been available for over 5 years, and ArchDetect beat it (in number of downloads) in only 3 days. It's also surpassed all of my open source projects.

Because this project was more of a joke than a "real" project, real features were left out. But since it's release, I've been getting feature requests! Honest, feature requests for an application I expected users would run once and throw away.

I was wrong. So I've spent the last few hours polishing ArchDetect. It's better, but not done. I've paved the way for localizations, which I expect to add to future versions. I have yet to add a help system, nor have I done any Universal Access compliance testing. There are still a couple bugs which I have yet to solve. I have received reports that it does not run properly on 10.3 - which I never said it would. So I added a plist key to prevent it from running on anything less than 10.4.0.

I decided to strip the beta status away - because really what's the difference? There will be bugs in any release, and people seem to use it regardless, so here it is.

Alright, now to let this release stew for a few days. Back to work on Squisher...