ZirconKit Controls

  1. ZirconKit Foundation
    Custom control foundation classes
  2. ZirconSwitch
    iOS style switch control
  3. ZirconBreadcrumbs
    Customizable path control
  4. ZirconCropper
    Cropping images made simple


  1. Subversion Access
  2. Xojo Syntax Highlighter
  3. Xojo String Obfuscator

Active Projects

  1. Animation Kit
  2. XML-RPC Client

Deprecated Projects

  1. HIToolbar
  2. Mac OS X Search Field
  3. Multiple Document Application
  4. HTTP Server

Although I write in a handful of different programming languages, this section is pretty exclusively Xojo / Real Studio / REALbasic code. Not because of any rule, but that's the only code I have to share.

Over the years, I've started a number of projects, and completed far fewer. The projects listed on this page are the ones I completed and released to the public. If you want to see some of the stuff I haven't completed, you can dive into my Subversion repository. That stuff is completely unsupported however.

But, even completed projects sometimes become incomplete. The projects listed under "Deprecated Projects" fall into the incomplete category. For one reason or another, they have become obsolete. If you are using them, I suggest you find a replacement.